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Or come see us at 912 Church St, North Syracuse, NY 13212

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  1. I need a music stand for my son at OHMS. I totally forgot I needed one but will not have the money until friday. My husband recently lost his job and money is a bit tight. Is there anything we can do? His lessons start with Mr Van Epps on Friday. I did think that I had one somewhere but cannot locate it. I would love to hear from you.
    Thank you.
    Amanda Townley

  2. Hi,

    My daughter is going to start playing the clarinet. How much is it to rent one? She also needs other materials to get started too. Thanks.

    Brenda Failla

    • Hello. Sorry for the late response. Our website is new and we are just getting used to it. Our clarinet rentals are $26.99 per month and that includes the insurance and tax. If you can let me know exactly what materials you need, I can give you prices. Thanks!
      Empire Winds.

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