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Removing "stuck" brass instrument mouthpieces and tuning slides


Please, DO NOT attempt to remove these stuck items at home. 98% of the time, if they are not previously damaged by crude home methods in an attempt to free them, we can usually easily remove them at no charge, while you wait! If you use pliers or any surface marring type of tools in an attempt, this resulting damage is permanent on the silver/gold plating and also the mouthpiece itself and/or the mouthpiece receiver’s exterior. If you should then force/twist the mouthpiece while attempting to remove it, you will cause major damage to the bracing structure and/or lead pipe tubing. This is where the repair bill will escalate rapidly!! If your instruments slides are that severely frozen in place, it needs an Empire Winds "Ultra-Clean", NOW!!

Words to the wise... Please, don't try to remove these items at home!! We know...kids will be kids!! Easy and inexpensive repairs are made much more complicated and expensive, if unknowing and unqualified individuals try to fix it themselves! Keep in mind that 90% of the tools and equipment we use are specialized to our specific craft, much like a jeweler. So please, do not try to repair this at home. Remember, unless there is visible damage, we generally remove stuck mouthpieces for FREE. Frozen slides are a whole different story…


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