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Typical concert tympani tuning ranges:

32" D-A
30" E-B
29" F-C
28" F-C
26" Bb - F
25" Bb -F
23" Eb -Bb
20" F-C

What educators should know about their Tympani, heads, and repairs:

In over 90% of the many tympani we have been asked to repair, performance or pitch problems were usually not mechanical, rather more related to the tympani's drumhead being over stretched, beyond it's physical tuning and tension limits.
This is always attributed to individuals blindly twisting the pedal adjustment knob, head tension knobs/ tension lugs, and every other moveable part they have visual and physical access to. While also having no concept as to what is happening mechanically, and without also knowing the specific tympani drum’s symphonic tuning range, and most do not also consider the stretching limits of the head itself. While the drum head might “appear” "normal" upon visual inspection, only an experienced percussionist or percussion technician can determine this.
If your tympani have mechanical or tuning problems, it is likely that the head will need to be replaced.

Anything less will be charged accordingly if it happens to be a minor adjustment related issue that we easily resolve. In our opinion "T" shaped tuning lugs are NOT recommended for tympani in a non-professional environment, for the above reasons. We can also re-calibrate the auto-tuning visual gauges on most concert tympani.


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